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This is a very specific and unique workshop run by men for men - it is exclusive to Bump, Birth and Beyond, led by Dean, the only trained male Antenatal Educator in the UK.

During the course we will cover the traditional sides of birth but there will also been a very focused approach to what the man can expect during pregnancy, labour and the first few weeks after. The objective of the course is to supply men with the tools and information they require to be as involved in the process as they want to be, to be a supportive partner that their partner can feel confident in and rely on, and to be the father in those early days they wish to be.

The course content includes:

* Pregnancy difficulties and support your partner may need
* Writing and understanding the birth plan
* Recognising that labour has started and what to do (encouraging labour, eating and drinking, etc)
* When to go to hospital or call the midwife
* Stages of labour
* Pain relief options
* Medical interventions - what may be needed and why
* The emotional roller coaster
* What to expect physically and emotionally, after your partner has given birth
* Addressing the normal fears of becoming a parent (even if its not your first child) handling a newborn and any other fears or concerns.
* Supporting your partner in feeding

The workshop will be run over two nights of 2 hours per night.

The price for the two Men's Antenatal Workshops is £50. Once you have filled out the booking form, we will inform you via e-mail whether we have a place available on your requested date.

Your course fee also includes:

* Class support materials
* Refreshments (including a beer for those that wish)
* Ongoing support from Bump, Birth & Beyond- via email or telephone after your session.

Our workshop is independent and completely non-judgmental, whether you and you partner are planning a c-section, epidural or natural birth, want a hospital, home or water birth or wish to breast or bottle feed, our aim is to provide you with all your options so you can be confident in the choices which you make.

We are flexible about when you attend, but would suggest it is between 24 and 34 weeks of your partner's pregnancy. However, we recommend attending earlier rather than later as it will give you a chance to practice the exercises from the workshop in time for the birth.

Although refreshments will be available we will expect all attendees to respect the course and other attendees. We would ask that no more than 1 alcoholic drink is consumed during the class, and anyone not respecting this will be asked to leave. Of course its up to you whether you stay on after class to chat to other dads!

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Safe Hands | Antenatal Classes |  DaddyNatal